Real Tips From Real Moms

I think it's fair to say that we're all new and have no clue what we're doing when it comes to having our first child! 

That's why we asked for Real Tips from Real Moms everywhere! So when the challenging time comes and you have no idea what to do, some of these tips could really help you! 

Myself, being a mother remember looking for tips wherever I could find them when it came down to a few things I did not know how to do with my son, and I think it's safe to speak for my husband as well! 

Tips from Mommy's Everywhere!: 

Tips By Eliana Forero: 

1.) Do not abuse the electric breast milk pump!! The best suction is that of the baby itself, I overly used it and in return the breasts suffer and remain sagging! - Hahaha that's for moms !!!

2.) In my case I decided never to sleep with the baby in the same bed, for various reasons. The first safety bring for the baby and peace of mind for myself. I slept him in a co-sleeping basinet next to my bed. I would wake up, feed him and place him back in his bassinet, that way I slept better too.

3. Having a place ready at the same time for feeding everyday is essential for me. Not only because their body gets used to it, but also because they learn to have routines, schedules and discipline. lunchtime is for eating, period! Hahaha it's happy hour 🤩 obviously sometimes everything gets messy, and that's normal. And though it isn't mandatory, a schedule and a portion according to the baby's age should be a usual for everyday 👶🏻

4. As modern parent I believe in my experience with my son that we must recognize their freedom and let them be! Not hide anything from them. Teach them to face everything. For example: Include them in all the activities around the house and with accompaniment, so tat they can learn do things for themselves. I think we should be raising less dependent and instead more proactive tiny people! 🤩 rather put fear aside and convey!

 Tips From: Ruby Mendoza

1.) Sleeping Baby - When it came to bedtime for my son, I had a very difficult time because I am still breastfeeding
and my baby is very attached to me, so what my husband and I began to do is, create a schedule that works for us all. Meaning
I'd give my son his dinner meal at 7pm, 
let his food go down for about 30 minutes

2.) Then give him some warm Cabbage Water- Now wait just a second; I know what you're thinking...
"Cabbage Water???" Yes, Cabbage Water. It actually helps this baby fall asleep even more which is what I needed because my son would still wake up 3-4 a night to breastfeed by habit
and would scream and cry until I'd cave in and give it to him, which would only makes nights worse for the both of us to be quite honest.

4.) After giving him the Cabbage water I'd give him a warm bath with nighttime baby soap (as an extra aroma therapy to help hi sleep) then by 8pm begin the process of rocking him to sleep and shutting off ALL of the lights so that
he knows that it is bedtime. 

5.) Teaching your baby Sign Language is a really great thing that you might want to try! It really helped my baby learn to communicate with me a whole lot easier! and no, it does not slow down their talking. In fact, my son is 1yr & 5m old and he says and signs what he wants to tell me. It really works! You should try it!!