How to Choose The Best Nursery Glider for Mom and Baby

nursing rocking chair

Why do you need a comfortable rocking chair or a glider rocker?

Finding the best nursery glider or best rocker glider is as important for you as the mom, as it is for your child. After all you will be spending plenty of time nursing and cuddling your baby in it. No doubt during the night and other baby feeding times you will end up snoozing in this rocker chair so picking the best nursery glider you can get will be a blessing.

The right design of a glider rocker chair makes it easy and comfortable for you to hold your baby and nurse them or simply play with them.

The baby, on the other hand also benefits from the soothing gliding or rocking motions of the chair.  This gentle action works, especially when the child is agitated and fussy or when they are desperate for a nice nap.

Both the mother and the child will greatly benefit from the purchase of a rocking chair or a nursery glider.


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Breastfeeding your infant will be much more comfortable if you can rest your arms on a wider arm support. I have found that a wooden arm support is doable and even comfortable, yet the fully upholstered style nursery chairs are the ultimate in comfort.  Your arms are less likely to fall asleep or get bumped.
Also, your babies head will lay so nicely on an upholstered chair arm versus a hard wooden rocking chair arm.

Keep in mind that the best glider rockers for infants do have some upholstery padding on the wooden arms and some even have an attached side pocket on the outside of the chair.

What does rocking a baby do and why is it important?

This is why you need a good comfortable nursery rocking chair for baby!

In the womb of a pregnant mom, the baby is gently rocked and bounced, within the confines of safety and security. So why would that stop when the baby is born?  Actually, it doesn’t so that is why every mom needs a comfortable rocking chair.

Swaddling your infant, gently holding them close and rocking in a rocking chair is the next best thing to being inside the mother’s womb.  An infant has a calming response in the central nervous system. Studies have been done to show that rocking stimulates the development of the brain stem and nerve cells. Consequently, higher cognitive skills and better brain development are a result. Emotionally, rocking is soothing and relaxing, calming any triggers in the neuro-system.

I believe every parent, grandparent and caregiver know from first-hand experience that babies quiet and become peaceful when they picked up and held.  Many babies like to be walked around a room and gently rocked. Who likes to walk the floors with a fussy infant?  I sure didn’t and still don’t!

My preference is to sit and rock as to have to walk around with a baby in my arms.  Standing on your feet and walking the floor can become tiring, especially for a new mom.

Finding a  good quality comfortable nursery rocker glider is essential.

Rocking is also a beautiful way to bond with your baby. Dad’s can enjoy this time with their newborn as well as older children. As a parent, you can enjoy the time reading a bedtime story in your special nursery chairs.


Below are some features you need to look for, that will help you decide on the best nursery glider your personal use.

The types of rocking chairs and gliders fall into a couple of categories:

Rocking Chair:
This is the arc style rocker runner supporting the chair.

Platform glider rocker:
   The glider is usually made of hardwood on a platform base with a different gliding versus rocking mechanism.

Some rocking chairs have a swivel style along with the ability to recline. Others are stationary rocking swivel chairs.

Reclining rocking gliders serve two purposes. The first is to enhance your comfort. The second is to allow you to sleep in the chair with your baby in your arms in a position that is safe for the little one.
Locking the chair in place, allows you to cease the motions which are important while getting up from the seat. It is quite useful and makes it superior to the traditional nursery rocking chairs.

I do not find this necessary in a nursery glider rocker, but it can be a useful safety feature in the recliner rocker styles.

Now that you have an idea of the types of rocking chairs available lets focus on

Features of the Best Nursery Glider:

 Fabric durability:
  Check to see that the fabric is resistant to staining, most cushions and upholstered fabrics are.  There is quite a range of fabric colors to choose from so think about whether it will it match your nursery room or living room.

Will this fabric be easy to clean up when your baby spits up on it?

If you decide on a beautiful wooden platform glider, you may want to be sure to check for upholstered arm coverings.

As I pointed out, some gliders even have side pockets on the outside of the side arms. These pockets can come in pretty handy when mom sits down to nurse and rock her sweet infant. Your items are quickly accessible inside those pockets, eliminating the need to get up multiple times with your arms already full of you little one.

Check the manufacturers warranty on any chair before your buy.

Comfort and Support are perhaps the biggest keys to deciding on your best glider rocker.
The ability to rest one’s head on the back headrest for lots of late night feedings (that means the cute modernist rockers are out). I would look for the best nursery glider rocker to have a high back and a wider seat width.  There will no doubt be times either mom or dad will be rocking a fussy baby and fall asleep. You will be glad you have a headrest to keep the kinks out of your neck.

Also, a seat that has plenty of room for you and your child to grow into.  Many moms’ use a support pillow for nursing so keep that in mind when looking at seat width.


Sometimes called the footstool can come in very handy. If you choose a glider rocker, you will want to expand your purchase with a gliding ottoman.

This little stool glides in sync with you as you rock and slide back and forth. What a life saver for a tired mom’s legs and feet. It is a very soothing and comforting effect.
You can buy the best glider and ottoman as a set with matching fabric and design.

The bottom line to finding the best glider rocker for you comes down to what your needs and desires are for you as a mom.

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that a glider rocking chair is a must-have in your nursery.

Giving attention to the features above, you should be able to find the best nursery glider that is on the market.

My favorite brand is the Dutailier rocker gliders which come with a wider variety of features to choose from.

I believe this is the best nursery rocker glider on the market.

Below is a list to choose from:

Dutailier Sleigh Glider with Multi-position Recline

This has nice comfy cushions with the wider style back cushion. Apparently there are grades of cushions. Look for grade A the best or C which is lessor quality. This one has good quality cushions with tufted buttons.

Dutailier Round Back Cushion Modern Glider

Note the very rounded style of the back cushion on this chair. Overall that seems to be the only difference from the glider rocker above. Both come in several fabric colors and wood colors.

Another option is the beautiful ultimate Nursing Grand Modern Glider rocker

However Amazon does not allow images for websites so follow the link to see this great glider! There are built in feeding pillows and very plush comfortable chair. I also like the shape and style of this nursing rocking chair, after all it is called the GRAND!


Dutailier Ultramotion Lungo fully upholstered

Quite a different look than the traditional glider. This one is fully upholstered and much more modern. As far as comfort it is no doubt comfy. This is a swivel glider rocker and does not recline! There is a matching ottoman that comes with the same fabric and is fully upholstered as well.

Dutailier Tradional Maple Glider Rocker

A wonderful hardwood Maple glider rocker. One to be handed down to another generation. You can purchase a matching maple ottoman as well.


Ottomans come in two styles:

Regular glider footstool rocks in sync with glider.

Nursing glider has pop out retractable nursing footrest.
For Sleigh and 2 post reclining gliders.

These come in several colors of wood and fabric to match your glider chair.

There are plenty of choices for you to be able to find the best nursery glider rocker for mom and baby!


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