Having Twins? How to Buy a Double Rocker Chair

Nursery Furniture for Twins starts with my favorite.

What a blessing to be pregnant knowing you are going to have the delight of raising a child. Oh, but wait what if you are pregnant with twins? What are going to do about a rocking chair?  

Have you considered a double rocker chair?

Twin Babies

Well, it is still delightful to have twins, doubly so! Along with having two babies suddenly you realize you need two of every baby item.

At the very least there will be the need to accommodate twin babies with a single piece of furniture in the nursery unlike so many other nursery gear you will need.

Let’s check out the possible nursery items you will be purchasing starting with the best double rocking chair for twin babies.


Double Rocker Chair:

I found 2 choices in the Baby Relax line.
1. Lainey Wing Back  
 double rocker chair


Best Glider Rocker
2. Hadley Double                           
Baby Relax double rocker chair
Best Glider Rocker



The first nursery room item I think of is a big oversized chair. However, some are way to big for most people’s home. My suggestion is to purchase a double rocker as there is plenty of room for mom and babies. Enough space to use pillows and nurse or feed in tandem, should you choose to do so.

The Baby Relax Double Rocker is one and a half times as wide as a standard regular rocker. This size allows you to relax comfortably while holding both babies. Having both babies with you is ideal especially for feeding time.

Many times both infants want mom at the same time. The Baby Relax double rocker's enables you to sit with both twins and not have to get up and down. That is a pain in the middle of the night or when super tired, at least it was for me.

Neither of the double rocker chair  in this line are heavy chairs. They are intentionally made to be light in weight.  

Contemporary Modern Contemporary Style and sleek in design.


41 inches wide

30 inches deep from back to front

37.25 inches High in back

An increase in width makes it one and half times the size of the seating area of a standard chair.

The supportive spring core foam-filled seat ensures just enough comfort.

Some owners feel it is not a plush chair so not as comfortable as a fully upholstered cushy overstuffed living room recliner. I think having some support is more important in this situation. Mom’s always have pillows and blankets to use for lumbar support if needed, and the trendy nursing pillows work very well in this chair.

Photos of this double rocker look like the back is lower than it truly is. A 5’8 woman stated she felt there is plenty of neck and head support. The back is higher than it appears at 37.25 inches. The wingback sides ideal for leaning your head against and help support your neck.

The weight limit is set by the manufacturer at 250 lbs. Reviews state families have put more weight than the suggested and the chair is holding up well.

It is super easy to put together. Yes, it comes in pieces with adequate directions.

I feel like the plus to owning this chair is the fact that it comes with the choice of short wooden rockers or straight legs.  This makes it convertible. Pretty sweet!

For the nursery, the rockers are what a parent would want to use. The great thing is when you are done with the rocking you can always change out to the stationary chair.

Love this rocker as it is easy to keep clean, soft tightly woven fabric. The colors are either a gray or a taupe. The gray is not a clear cut dark grey with blue undertones but a more a grey with yellow tones running to taupe. If you understand color tones including paint you know, there is always a base tone of blue or yellow to colors. That is something you will have to check out for yourself.

Baby Relax  Warranty is 1 year for manufacture defects of materials and fabric.  Not for everyday wear and tear. ​


Short rockers so the rocking motion is a short, sweet movement. The shortness of the rocking motion may not be such a disappointment however,  with the fact you are holding two babies you  perhaps do not always want the massive rocking movement. This rocker would be easy to get in and out with bundles in your arms.

Double rocker does not rock well on carpet. Takes a bit of extra work to keep in motion.

Moves too easily across the bare floor because it is light weight.

There are not a bunch of reviews on the Lainey Wingback on Amazon but it is a sollid well built chair. 

The Hadley has 4 Star reviews and both are made by Dorel Living under the Baby Relax name. 

Ottoman Optional:

As a mom, I would choose to complete the nursery setting with the matching ottoman. Everyone needs to put up their tired, aching feet and legs at one time or another. Pull that ottoman up under your lower legs and feet and relax. Doing so gives you more room to lay out one of your twins on your lap and upper legs.

Feeding twins can be difficult when they both are hungry at the same time. Having as much room as you can get and still have a comfortable rocking chair that does not take up all your available space is key to keeping organized and less stressed.

This footstool comes in the same colors as the chair so you can match them.

 A cool feature of this ottoman is that it is actually extra storage sized at 16 deep, 27" wide, 16 high. 

Click here or on ottoman photo below to go to Amazon for reviews and purchase.

Baby Relax Ottoman

Honestly, there not a lot of options for lots of space in a chair when you have multiple babies.

In my opinion the Pros outweigh the Cons of this double rocker for twins. The Baby Relax Double Rocker will last you far after the initial feeding phase and well into cuddling and story time for years to come. It may not be a chair to last a lifetime but for the price, it is a viable option for your babies room.

Other Choice But Not a Rocker:

My other option is a chair and a half, BUT it does not rock. The type of chair I am talking about is larger, so fits a mom and twins quite well. The trade off is that this one reclines.

Modern Contemporary Oversized Chair:

Hogan Mocha Zero Wall Recliner with Wide Seat Box made by Ashley Furniture

double chair


Modern neutral design to fit into any living room or nursery decor.

Bustle back design and pillow top arms with plush padding.

Warm earth-toned microfiber fabric is easy to clean.

Takes up little to no wall space when reclined because it is a wall hugger. This really helps if you have limited space.


59" Wide x 44" Deep x 41" High

Distance from Floor to Seat Cushion 21"

Distance from Floor to Top of Footrest, when reclined, is 13"

Distance Between the Arms is 28"

Distance in length of when fully Reclined is 68"

Seat Depth from front of cushion to the back is 24"

Distance Between Recliner and Wall is a mere 3"

Made in the USA right in Arcadia, WI.

An interesting thing about this recliner is the arms. Typically with a pillow type arm after time and use the stuffing starts to flatten out, causing discomfort. Surprisingly, on this recliner, there are zippers so you can re-fluff the arms or add more filling if you'd like.

Seams and cracks in overstuffed furniture can hide dropped items, which may end being a gross mess. This particular recliner does not have a bunch of seams, folds, and cracks that hide icky stuff. That is a huge advantage for a mom and dad. Who needs one more thing to do especially with twins.


Larger and heavier so may be a space issue in a nursery

Not a double rocker

Space in the lumbar area that is slightly open so does not recline fully flat.

The foot recliner is a little hard for smaller people to put back down.

I have one of these chair and a half  sized chairs and I would not trade it for anything. I absolutely love this chair even though it is not a double rocker.    This is definitely a sweet chair for your living room.

The Decision:

For your nursery, I would go with the BABY RELAX LAINEY WINGBACK!  You can read more reviews and purchase it at Amazon by clicking here.
double rocker chair
Best Glider Rocker

DOUBLE ROCKER         Read more reviews on Amazon.  

The  reclining chair and a half recliner as the second choice  or to use in your living room. Putting this recliner chair in your living room is a great option for dad, siblings and others to hold the twin babies.

Best Glider Rocker

CHAIR AND A HALF   Read more reviews on Amazon.


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