The 7 Valuable Benefits of The Best Nursing Rocking Chair

We all know that the heart of the home is the kitchen and the bonds that develop there as a family.

So what is the heart of a nursery room?  Could it be the bonding that takes place in a nursing rocking chair with your baby?  Let me help you decide on the best nursery rocking chair.

I say it is the love of feeding, cuddling and bonding with that newborn child you cradle in your arms while you sit in your favorite nursing rocking chair. Think of all the time spent doing just that especially in those first few precious months with your baby.

A gift of a nursing rocking chair is truly the heart of the nursery! Whether you give this gift to yourself or someone else buys a nursery rocking chair for you it is essential to rock your baby.

nursing rocking chair

Every mom needs to be in a very comfortable position when nursing or bottle feeding their child.

A comfortable rocking chair is unquestionably worth its weight in gold yet is truly a low-cost first investment with huge returns. What a unique gift to surprise that special new mom with such a treasure as a beautiful yet functional nursing rocking chair.

My husband surprised me with a beautifully cushioned maple glider rocker on the birth of our son. Our son was a couple of weeks old, and I had no decent nursing rocking chair. I was so delighted with this glider rocker that 27 years later I am passing it on to this son and his wife for their first child. The memories we share of our children through the rocking sessions of this favorite chair in our home are priceless.

​ In this article I will help you decide WHY rocking is important and Which nursing rocking chair to buy!  Just keep reading.


P. S. My husband still likes to sit in it and watch football! So it is multifunctional family piece as well.

What precious memories in that rocking glider that goes well beyond the nursing stage!

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Why get a comfortable breastfeeding chair when nursing?

Most moms will tell you they would not want to live without a proper nursing rocking chair. The long restless nights and numerous feeding sessions demand something restful and comfortable for the parents. You will no doubt fall asleep while breastfeeding your baby so finding a nursing rocking chair to fit you as an individual is important. Even if you do not breastfeed you will still need a comfortable nursing rocking chair to feed your infant. Hey even dad finds the best rocking chair for the nursery an asset. He takes his turn bottle feeding, cuddling, bonding and rocking his beloved child as well.

A baby that’s rocked to sleep benefits significantly; the infant isn’t alone in a cradle; his mother IS the cradle. A mom rocks her babe back and forth in a slow type rhythm, generally humming or quietly singing a lullaby.

The process of rocking causes the neural network of the infant’s brain to take in these soothing signals. This set ups the womb experience that mom is still with you; we’re moving together, and all is well.

Getting the best rocking chair for nursing is a very crucial aspect in any nursery. The nursery or living room is the place where most of you parents will spend much of your time.

There are several reasons why parents should consider investing in a nursing rocking chair. In the same manner, you invest a lot a lot of money in a baby mattress; you need to pay for your comfort as well. When the parent is comfortable, you can be pretty sure the baby breastfeeding moments will be great too. Most parents who have a hard time feeding their infant must have a look at the type of chairs they use when breastfeeding or giving a bottle.

Consider your individual color, style and function of your personal rocking chair.

A breastfeeding chair is designed to help you with a comfortable place to feed your baby. Most of the glider rockers and traditional rocking chairs recline into different positions to support your back. They have a rocking motion that helps soothe the baby as they are being fed.

Rocking in your desired chair makes breastfeeding and bottle feeding quite easy as the baby can raise their head up with ease. When looking for the best chair for nursing, it is crucial that you look for something sturdy and stable. It is worth noting that nursing chairs come in different designs and shapes, and parents have to select one that perfectly suits their needs.

Checklist of Benefits of a Nursing Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair Benefits for Mom:

Pre Delivery:

Rocking keeps the circulation moving in your body. If you cannot get out to walk this is excellent full body stimulation. My Dr. did not like his O.B. patients to walk a lot while in labor. He felt it tired his mom’s out and hindered delivery. Consequently, at the hospital he had a huge comfortable rocking chair. I was delighted to be able to use that and keep labor progressing while reserving energy for the babies delivery.

Post Delivery Comfort:

Mothers who have had a cesarean birth have no option but go for the nursing rocking chair to feel comfortable when seated. They offer an optimum position that cannot come close to comparison what you experience on a sofa. Most parents who have used them on a daily basis claim glider rockers are comfortable and help with possible backaches.

Nursing chairs are the comfiest chairs in the world. However you might argue this comment, but mothers who have had the experience of using an excellent one will tell you these rockers are the best.

The rocking motion while feeding, leaves your child feeling relaxed and comfortable in your arms.

Save your tired arms:

Remember holding the baby in your arms for extended periods of time will tire your arms making you feel uncomfortable. Almost all of these rocking chairs come with arm rests on both sides to lay your arm as well as place your baby’s head in a comfortable position. Whether it is a dad bottle-feeding the baby or a mom breastfeeding the baby, you will never feel tired from the weight of the baby on your arm. Padded armrests are a distinct feature you will immediately love. Using the armrests along with a curved pillow is ideal for arms to rest on.

Back pain relief:

Rocking chairs come highly recommended for pregnant mothers as a way of reducing back pain. For expectant women or mothers who have just given birth, back pains are a common problem. Sitting with the feet slightly elevated will help with back pains. These chairs further have a cushioned back that relieves back pains. When seated, you can place your feet on the ottoman taking the pressure off of the lower back. Breastfeeding chairs with these features make your life much easier.

Did you know even President Kennedy had a rocking chair in the Oval Office to relieve his back pain?

Rocking and Endorphins:

When rocking, your body weight moves back and forward helping exert your energy in different directions. As a result, blood pressure falls while respiration slows which are good for your health. Rocking in the nursing rocker helps exercise the body, mind and spirit keeping mothers in good moods. Rocking releases endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones in our body. You will be able to rock away with the possability of helping depression and sorrows in your life as you spend quality time rocking with your loved ones.


It is a great way for sedentary parents to feed their babies. Hey after labor and delivery along with many night feedings moms are not apt to want to exercise. Rocking keeps the body moving without a lot of strain. In those beginning weeks this is a low stress way to keeping moving, especially if you live in a cold climate and it is winter. Rock away!

Varicose Veins:

Since rocking stimulates the circulatory system, many pregnancy websites, and other articles highly endorse rocking to help prevent varicose veins in women. So this is sound advice for any age of women.

What Happens to Baby Development with 3 Minutes of Rocking is Incredible

The back and forward movement of rocking in a rocking chair provides:

Emotional health

Social aspects

Motor development skills

Calms Crying babies

Visual alertness

Auditory skills enhanced

Studies have been done measuring visual alertness as well as auditory skills in children with multiple disabilities. The results point to a relationship between alertness and vestibular stimulation. You ask what is vestibular stimulation? It is how a body senses the perception of body position and movement. Since the vestibular system resides in the inner ear, it is imperative in positioning the head and movement of the eyes.

These discoveries show a child's functioning was significantly better after just 3 minutes of rocking stimulation.

This simulation is particularly beneficial to premature infants with apnea. Rocking reduces apnea.

Additional Benefits of Infant Rocking:

Autism and ADD and ADHD:

Further research is proving how great rocking chairs are for ADD and ADHD students. It helps them improve their focus with the gliding motion of the seats. They can accommodate the need to keep moving while studying and listening.

Autistic children are soothed by rocking in rocking chairs according to Lorna Jean King (OTR, FAOTA) is one of the pioneers of Sensory Integration Therapy. She lectures internationally and is the Founder and Director of the Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies, Inc. located in Phoenix, Arizona.


In today’s world there is an abundance of adoption. These little ones need reassurance of love and security.

Dr. Wendy Hanevold is a practicing therapist in the Atlanta, GA area. Dr. Hanevold has first-hand experience as an adoptive parent. She highly encourages rocking in a rocking chair as it fosters positive attachment between parents and their adopted child. Dr. Hanevold says rocking is fantastic – it has all the senses incorporated such as hearing, touch, smell, and taste when fed while rocking….an entirely kinesthetic method incorporating all five senses.

I am totally amazed at all the benefits of rocking in the best nursing rocking chair you can buy! Is it any wonder that the tradition of rocking is actually on the rise! 

5 Features of a Nursing Rocking Chair

Solid Hardwood Construction:

Remember the nursing chair carries both your weight and that of the child. It is crucial that you choose one with a solid construction. This way, safety for you and your child is assured. Fragile construction is a risk for you and your baby.

Comfortable cushions:

The seats must have cushions or be padded to be the most suitable, in particular for parents who will sit in them for long periods. Some chairs are fully upholstered and show no wood.

Reclining back:

It is evident you don’t want to sit stiffly. Choosing a rocking glider chair with a reclinable back will help you adjust the back position to suit your seating style. Reclining allows you to sit in a more comfortable position as you take care of your baby.

Padded arms:

You don’t want to rest your arm on a hard solid material. Purchasing chairs with padded arms will make your arms rest at a comfortable position without quickly getting tired.

High back and Wide Seat:

​Having a high back allows you to rest your head and neck making relaxation easier.  Wide seats allow you to use a nursing pillow to lay the baby on and have plenty of room to move around for comfort.

Cutting to the Chase

Getting the best rocking chair for breastfeeding or bottle feeling your precious infant is important to make the most of the memorable times with your little angel. Prepare early and get the nursery glider recliner or the nursery rocker recliner even before birth as we have shared several benefits a rocking chair can offer pregnant mothers, new mom's, babies as well as children of various ages.  Most moms who have used nursing rockers associate them with cuddly and quite times where the baby settles and feels secure in his new world outside the womb.

I would not hesitate to purchase the best nursing rocking chair you can! Think of it as an investment in the future of your family! Nothing is more precious!

Below are 5 of my favorite and best nursery glider:

Best Glider Rocker

​Read More Reviews on Amazon.

Dutailier Ultramotion Sleigh Glider and Nursing Ottoman ~ reclines and locks in place

4.3 Stars on Amazon

Exclusive sealed ball bearing system on the gliders.

Comfy with lots of cushion and covered arms.  Customers do complain about the flimsy velcro attaching it to the arms.

This chair does rock while reclining.

Dutailier mechanism lets you stop and lock in whatever position you choice. I find this a huge benefit over any other glider rocker!

I like this chair because it is hardwood base with many reclining positions. The cushions are comfy and recoverable too.

Best Glider Rocker

Read More Reviews on Amazon.

Pulaski Ashewick Swivel Glider Recliner

Best seller in Amazon with 4 stars.

What a beautiful chair with the print and the comfy rounded arms wide enough to rest your arms with a baby's head on them.

Drop in solid spring coil seating for lasting wear. Tightenly woven faviric with matching welting says quality.

Comes in 2 pieces but easily assembled.

This is called Doodle Ash pattern.

A very affordable chair.

Best Glider Rocker

Read More Reviews on Amazon.

Baby Relax Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner

Best Seller on Amazon with 4.5 Stars.

This chair is so multifunctional with swiveling, reclining and rocking. Enclosed ball bearing mechanisms make for smooth range of motion.

Lever mechanism brings up leg rest and also locks in  2 recline positions.

Comes in Grey or Mocha with contrasting welting.

Enter your text here...

Best Glider Rocker

Read More Reviews on Amazon.

Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with lumbar pillow. 

4 Stars on Amazon.  

Note the covered arms with a pocket on each side. This chair does not recline.

Offered in 6 woods and 8 fabric choices.

900 Reviews on Amazon most of which are good. Some had faulty chairs.

Assembly required but easy to put together, a plus is the metal ball bearings in the glider for a smooth glide.

Best Glider Rocker

Read More Reviews on Amazon.

Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

4.3 Stars on Amazon

Choice of 3 colors fabric and wood.

Comfortable even for tall people. The pull out foot rest on the ottoman works as a stop for the gliding. Very useful place to put your feet.

Notice the fully covered arms and high cushioned back.  This may not be the cushiest chair but for an affordable price you can have a wonderful rocking glider.

This chair does not recline or lock. Since it is on the less expensive end of nursing gliders there are some features not available. It is a good choice for the price.


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