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Comfortable Rocking Chair Facts

Purchasing a comfortable rocking chair has always been one of the priorities of any parent or individual who seeks the restful atmosphere that rocking creates.  Stop and imagine yourself sitting in a well balanced comfortable rocking chair, tilt your head back, close your eyes and push off.

I feel that this sensation sends the world away as we pleasantly let the cares of life glide away in a timeless fashion. Let me help you decide on the best nursery glider or best rocking chair for you. We can do this together!

The best rocking chair for the nursery is a must have piece of furniture.

Everyone, from youngest to oldest enjoys rocking. Over time, the rocking chair has modified in its design and look to some significant extent, so now you can find rockers in an entirely new look.  Is it any wonder babies lull off to sleep as their loved one snuggles and rocks them?

As a matter of fact, I was so surprised to find that, in the early years of this country, there were not rocking chairs. The colonists were talented in grooving out logs to use for cradles. However, they were still sitting on uncomfortable hard primitive chairs or stools.  Sometime around the 1740’s  rocking style chairs were developed. Can you imagine how much easier that was to sit in and relax! I am sure it took time and ingenuity to work out the kinks of a good design for the human body.

The modern day rockers or gliders are much different from what it used to be a couple of decades or apparently centuries back. However, that has not affected the demand for these chairs, and you can find a large number of stores offering the. The sheer fact that almost every home has a some form of rocker tells me that rocking has become very much an American way of life.

What a simple form of stress relief.

However, not all of them do not provide the same performance or longevity. Therefore, if you want to get the best piece for your nursery, you need to research all the variations of a rocking chair before you purchase. That is what I will help you do!   Keep reading!

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The Perfect Comfortable Rocking Chair

When you are spending money to find the perfect nursery furniture for your new baby in your house, you will need to take note of some considerations. Comfort being one of the most important details to be considered in this purchase. The rocker should be comfortable for the mother as well as the child. The most comfortable rocking chair should have design qualities that allow the mother to sit in a relaxed way while nursing her baby.

Design Quality:

Design quality is important when it comes to  comfort and strength to withstand the years of use.

In a traditional wooden rocking chair, there are 6 optimal factors to consider to relieve the stress points between the seat and the human bone structure.

  • Seats should be carved in a curved and contoured manner, so your weight can be evenly distributed.
  • The height of the seat from the floor fits each person.  You want to be able to push easily off.
  • Lumbar support will ideally have the right angle of incline that takes the pressure off of your back. Check that the angle starts just above your lower back.  A superior chair will have a side to side “u” shape contour that will cradle your body in comfort. Your longer larger back muscles should be in a position where wooden back slats massage your body.
  • Long runners will enable you to find a comfortable recline position with an exact center of gravity.
  • Arm supports are designed curved and shaped to support your forearms. When you the palms of your hand and fingers are extended they should gently fall over the ends of the armchair.
  • High back contoured and curved to give your neck and head needed placement for optimal relaxation.

There are many styles and types and sub-categories, some of which fall into these categories:

  • Traditional Rocking Chair
  • Upholstered Modern Rocking Chair
  • Glider Rocker
  • Upholstered Reclining Rocking Chair
  • Swivel Rocking Chair

All of the design qualities above apply in some form not just to the old fashioned rocker but also to the modern upholstered rocking chairs.

Additional Considerations

Matching Ottoman:

They do serve a functional purpose. Footstools take the weight off of a person’s back which sits you in a relaxing position. Remember the discussion above where I told you about proper angles in a rocking chair the same applies to the use of a stool? When you raise your feet onto a footstool, it automatically increases the back angle to a more stress relieving angle.

This place is called the zero-gravity center, where relaxation indeed takes place.

As I have already said, the modern rocking chairs have undergone multiple changes in the past few years, one can find some welcome improvement in them. Matching ottomans with the rocking chairs are one of the most significant developments in this regard.

An optional footstool is provided with the glider chairs so that the mother can rest her feet while sitting for hours in the place of zero gravity. Take the stress not only off your feet but off your back as well.

Some of the Ottomans will rock in the same rhythm as the glider. Opting for those will offer the desired comfort to the user. A tired mom can appreciate putting her feet up on an ottoman.

The best glider and ottoman set is extremely comfortable as well as beneficial. I would purchase them as a set together because they will be matching style as well as in fabric and color. Often it ‘s hard to match them later. I have a mismatched set and would like to get it all recovered to match.


Rockers or gliders have been a popular choice in almost every household. However, not everyone gives equal importance to the safety factor and have to meet unexpected consequences. Do not be among them. When purchasing the best rocking chairs for mother and child, you should ensure that it is the right choice for dual purpose. Make sure to verify whether the rocker is sturdy enough to support the weight of the mother and child. Since it will more than likely be used by dad as well be sure of the strength of the base components.

It is important. However, safety should not be an issue when choosing a properly designed rocking chair.

It is best if you never to leave your baby alone in a rocking chair. It just is not safe especially once the infant starts rolling over. Your child will fall right out of the seat onto the floor, potentially injuring themselves.

It is important. Safety should not be an issue when choosing a properly designed rocking chair.

Warranty –  Last but not the least, you should give due importance to the warranty of the rocking chair that you purchase. Check the rockers offered by a few different manufacturers and then compare the price of the ones which you have shortlisted for your house.

When comparing the price, you should make sure that all of them have the same features, so that you can determine the best buy for yourself.  Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges!  In other words compare like kinds  and style in different brands.

Style too plays an important role, when you are purchasing the best rocking chair for your home. Therefore, make a selection that multiplies the beauty of your home without compromising with its utility.

Check out all these features when you are accessing your rockers for babies nursery room and perhaps your living room.  Ideally, having the best glider rocker chair or a reclining rocking chair in each of these rooms comes with great value.

No doubt the most comfortable rocking chair selected for the nursery will be more to mom’s comfort while the selection of perhaps a rocking recliner in the living room will be for dad.  It is definitely  valuable to have a nursery rocker recliner but, do not limit yourself to one comfortable best rocking chair for the nursery. 

Consider the factors discussed and purchase an additional comfortable rocking chair for dad that will not only be a benefit to rocking baby but will enhance your living room décor. Dad’s love to bond with their child, too.

Now that your armed with knowledge on what a “comfortable rocking chair” is I am sure you will be able to choose the best nursery chairs for your home.



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