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Best Glider Rocker versus Traditional Rocking Chair

Let’s check out the pros and cons of what is makes the best glider versus what makes the best rocking chair for your nursery.

Both rocker type chairs come with various style and  comfort levels so trying to figure out which is the  best glider or the best rocker chair for your baby nursery will depend on your personal preferences. The best glider is different than the best rocking chair so well help you figure this out as you read.

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A glider rocker is a  platform type of rocking chair that moves as a swinging style seat. The whole frame is made up of a seat attached to the base with the attachment of what is considered a double-rocker four-bar linkage.
The non-parallel suspension arms of the linkage cause the chair to simulate a rocking-chair motion as it glides back and forth.

Here again, the base is made of hardwood either left natural or painted with cushions added to make a comfortable rocking chair.

Bases are customarily enclosed in wood, so moving mechanisms do not show. This enclosed base is a safety feature worth noting.

Back and Forth Movement:

Gliders initially were used as alternatives to porch swings but have become very popular as nursery furniture. The best gliders are so helpful for assisting parents in feeding newborn babies as well as reading bedtime stories to older children.  There is such a peaceful, natural movement when the chair is gliding. It does not take work at all but is a pleasure to use. Just push off with your toes for a nice smooth ride.

Personally, I prefer the glider rockers as the best nursery chairs because of the motion, as it is on a level plane versus the rocking chair that goes backward and forward in an upward pattern.
Using a glider rocking chair is much easier especially when nursing and cuddling a child.

In a rocking chair, I have to keep my balance as I juggle the bundle in my arms, where as in a glider the motion is simply back and forth.
There is never the sensation of falling too far forward.
Gliders do not have the tipping factor there is with an ordinary traditional rocking chair.

I find that getting up from a glider chair is also easier and feels safer with a baby in my arms.

Pinch Point:

The area under a curved set of runners on an ordinary rocking chair are called pinch points. In the building of the best glider rockers, the pinch points are moved away from under the front of the rocker.

If you look at the original style rocking chairs the curved runners can come down on little hands and feet, causing injury.  I find the glider rockers much safer for children and pets. In my experience as a glider rocker owner, I have never had an injury to anyone in my family including a pet.
The best gliders have enclosed platform sides made of wood. This enclosure is an excellent safety feature because little fingers cannot reach into the mechanism chamber. If you need to check the glider mechanism, simply flip the chair over.

You will find the mechanisms on the best glider chairs are very simple and require little or no maintenance. In 27 years I have never repaired or oiled the mechanisms on my glider chair. It operates smoothly without noise.

Ottoman footrest:


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You may or may not choose to include an ottoman footrest with your purchase.  I highly encourage the use of the gliding footstool as it works in sync with the motion of the rocker.  The ottoman adds a level of usage and comfort to the glider chair.

Can you imagine putting your tired possibly swollen feet up on the ottoman, leaning back and gently gliding in a soothing motion?  You and baby will soon relax and fall into a peaceful slumber. 

The aim is to duplicate the rocking chair motion as much as possible using a different plane of motion.

All gliders provide more back and forth movement with less human energy than an old-fashioned rocking chair, in my experience.

Although, there are times I still like to use in a rocker. Sitting outside on a balmy summer evening is perfect.

Reclining Features:

Higher quality best chairs glider style now have reclining features.  Such features are the ultimate when buying the best gliders on the market. The best glider and ottoman set comes with luxury padded cushions and reclining features. 

The backs have a high headrest and curved backs to fit the body well. What a comfortable and delightful way to spend those countless hours nursing and rocking your baby.

Owning a nursery recliner of this caliber would be a dream for your tired sore body.

When choosing between the best glider or the best rocking chair for nursery, your choice is based on your personal pros and cons.

Your desire for comfort and your budget are of utmost importance.Best Glider Rocker

Personally, I love the newer luxury nursery recliner in the style of the best glider on the market.

As a mom who spends countless hours nursing and cuddling your beloved baby,don’t you deserve the best nursery glider your budget allows?


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