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How To Choose Your Babies New Safest Crib For Your Nursery

  What is the safest baby crib?

There are definitely some laws and other safety factors to make understand to make a good decision on buying the safest crib you can afford.

The safest crib for your baby is based on a number of factors, which I have thoroughly researched so you can make an informed decision. Choosing the right infant bed for your precious child is of the utmost importance.

safe crib

I know for my new grandchild I have been doing plenty of research and have been surprised by the new standards.  At first I will admit I thought what is the big deal, my children survived just fine with the old cribs, however it is always best to update and not take any chances with inferior potentially unsafe crib products. ​As parents we all want the safest crib possible for our loved one.

Starting in 2010 there was a sequence of requirements made into law concerning the construction of cribs for the safety of your child. In 2014 the final laws went into effect. Let’s check them out without getting too dry and dull.

So what are the 5 new key requirements for all crib makers to abide by and which crib brands are the safest?

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