New Baby for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

It is official Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo had a beautiful baby girl. A huge heartfelt congratulation to Adam and Behati. She was born in Los Angelos California on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016. What a blessed event. I am sure she will be beautiful and talented considering her parents are famous for their looks and talents.

Below is a video of Behati and Adam announcing that they are pregnant and expecting in September of 2016.  ​

Video with the couple welcoming their first child.

The famous couple named her a unique name, but nothing crazy weird. The little princess is named Dusty Rose Levine. Will you be able to remember that? I sure will as it is not something you would expect from a couple of superstars.

Apparently, Adams fans have kept a running list of his tattoo's and there is a new rose one on his chest. Could it possibly be in honor of his new baby girl?  The photo on Instagram has her pretty little face laying next to his rose tattoo!

baby Dusty Rose

Glad to know marriage means something to these two.

A video from Beach Wedding talking about the couples wedding.

Currently, he is one of the coaches on my all time favorite show called The Voice. I love this show as a singer-musician has the ability to give their best performance based on their voice ability. The coaches have their backs to the person auditioning. How often do we make snap judgments based on what we see visually? It is not only a great place to hear and see some fabulous and some not so fabulous musicians, but I often say it is the best comedy show on television. Quite a few of these young people are not much more than babies themselves in their early teens, yet many are incredibly gifted with beautiful voices. Not baby voices at all!

What a heartwarming experience the coaches make it. Adam has gone through some changes on this show since he came on board in 2011. Adam Levine loves to change up his hair! I was not taken with his bleached blonde look.

Wonder how that will play in with his new daughter? What is dear old dad going to say when she wants her first tattoo and colored hair? Maybe she never will! Just look at her gorgeous mother, the Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. I do not see an obvious tattoo on her and I do not see her doing crazy colors to her hair. She is a very classy lady! Ah ha after watching some video’s I do see Behati has a hidden tattoo under her breast on her side. Well hidden. It looks like words but I have no idea what. Those things would detract from her seemingly flawless beauty if they were visible to the world. Perhaps her contract with Victoria Secret does not allow such things either. Nevertheless, hubby Adam seems to have fun with his looks on occasion, which are all very harmless and rather fun.
This couple can be seen going to different events over the past few years. There are few photos of the two especially while she was with child.

The online magazine Heavy has a selection of Instagram pictures of the parents and Behati with her baby bump!

Adam gushes over his wife's topless pregnancy photos!

Seems like Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo like to do video’s or is it maybe that the paparazzi will not leave them alone. Multimillionaires are famous people that seem to get stalked all the time.

I think Behati Prinsloo and her friend, Lily Aldridge,  take this video all in stride. They are much more patient than I would be.

The reporter asks if Adam Levine is going to do his daddy duties. Behati asks what daddy duties in which the reporter replies with a question. “Is Adam going to quit The Voice and do his daddy duties?” Behati replies that he will do all his duties. We see that Adam is quite capable of being on The Voice and being a dad. Heck, why not he has no money worries. They no doubt hired a nanny as well.

There are not many articles online about Dusty Rose Levine. I did find and an Instagram photo of the Levine babies Jungle scene in her nursery. Quite different! Not my taste for a nursery, as it seems a little odd and dark for a baby nursery.

A quick video of the newborn infant of Adam and Behati, Dusty Rose Levine. She looks so sweet and precious. I am sure she is well loved by her parents as you will see in this video.

Of course Blake Shelton has to weigh in saying he thinks Adam will be a good dad.

Expert Review On The Best Dutailier Glider Rocker For Your Nursery

Welcoming a new baby into your family is one of life's greatest joys. It's also one of the most exhausting things that you'll ever do! A tired mom needs to get as much rest as possible. Since you'll be spending a lot of your time feeding and rocking your baby, it only makes sense to get the most comfortable nursery chair that you can find. Hands down I believe the best Dutailier glider rocker is the answer!  There are several to choose from but this review will focus on the best!

Most moms agree that a glider rocker with a gliding ottoman is the best choice for the nursery. The glider's smooth and quiet motion is great for nursing and for soothing a cranky baby. It's also a great way for mom (or dad) to relax and maybe even catch up on some sleep while tending to baby.

In this review, we'll take a look at one of the best glider rockers available today - the Dutailier Multiposition Reclining Sleigh Glider. 

best Dutailier glider

How does it work? Is it comfortable? Where can I buy it? We'll answer these questions and more to help you decide if this is the best baby glider for you.

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Reviews on The 5 Best Video Baby Monitor in 2016

Buying the Best Video Baby Monitor:

 Why buy the best video baby monitor you can afford? For every parent, the well being, and safety of their baby is of paramount concern. Parents will take every step possible to ensure their baby is healthy and safe at all times. One way that they do this includes buying the right baby products. There are many different products available, each with a different purpose and designed to make life as a parent easier.

A product that parents will purchase prior to the birth of their baby is a video baby monitor and there is a great selection of these available on the market. Choosing a video baby monitor has clear advantages over one that simply offers sound. However, finding the right video baby monitor for you may seem like a daunting task as you will need to compare the different features that each has to offer.

In this review, we shall take a look at the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase and also at some of the common features you will see in the product information for each item.

To help you further, there are then reviews of six of the video baby monitors currently available, including an overview of the product and a list of the pros and cons of each of the monitors.

best video baby monitors
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How To Choose Your Babies New Safest Crib For Your Nursery

  What is the safest baby crib?

There are definitely some laws and other safety factors to make understand to make a good decision on buying the safest crib you can afford.

The safest crib for your baby is based on a number of factors, which I have thoroughly researched so you can make an informed decision. Choosing the right infant bed for your precious child is of the utmost importance.

safe crib

I know for my new grandchild I have been doing plenty of research and have been surprised by the new standards.  At first I will admit I thought what is the big deal, my children survived just fine with the old cribs, however it is always best to update and not take any chances with inferior potentially unsafe crib products. ​As parents we all want the safest crib possible for our loved one.

Starting in 2010 there was a sequence of requirements made into law concerning the construction of cribs for the safety of your child. In 2014 the final laws went into effect. Let’s check them out without getting too dry and dull.

So what are the 5 new key requirements for all crib makers to abide by and which crib brands are the safest?

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Having Twins? How to Buy a Double Rocker Chair

Nursery Furniture for Twins starts with my favorite.

What a blessing to be pregnant knowing you are going to have the delight of raising a child. Oh, but wait what if you are pregnant with twins? What are going to do about a rocking chair?  

Have you considered a double rocker chair?

Twin Babies

Well, it is still delightful to have twins, doubly so! Along with having two babies suddenly you realize you need two of every baby item.

At the very least there will be the need to accommodate twin babies with a single piece of furniture in the nursery unlike so many other nursery gear you will need.

Let’s check out the possible nursery items you will be purchasing starting with the best double rocking chair for twin babies.

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5 Best Infant Life Jackets For Safety

The Differences Between PDF and a Life Jacket

If you are considering the purchase of a baby life jacket, then it would be important for you to understand the difference between standard life jackets and PFDs (Personal Flotation Device). While these two categories of jackets may look similar and the terms used interchangeably, both of these are unique from one another regarding functions and application.


The life jacket's purpose is to turn an unconscious person from being face down to face up in the water so that they can breathe.

A PFD, on the other hand, is designed for standard flotation and keep a person's head out of the water in normal conditions.

How To Put on an Infant Life Jacket

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How to Choose the Best Rocker Recliner for Your Nursery

You’re an expecting parent. You've made your exciting announcement. Now, your friends and family are already bombarding you with a list of gear you didn’t realize you would need!

It seems like there are a million different contraptions that you should purchase for the care of your new infant. Not only that but for every piece of gear, there’s no lack of feature combinations and brand choices!

One such piece of equipment is the nursery rocker recliner. Most parents agree that a baby rocker recliner is an absolute must, especially in the first year after their baby is born. A quality recliner gives you a comfy place to rock a fussy, sick, or teething baby to sleep. They can be invaluable when it is 4 a.m., you’re beyond exhausted from the regular demands a new baby brings, and you are desperately in need some rest.

But the clock is ticking before your baby arrives – how can you possibly learn enough about what is the best rocker recliner for yournursery. Three questions to ask are the following:

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Insider Tips on Choosing The Best Glider Rocker

Enter your text here...

Best Glider Rocker versus Traditional Rocking Chair

Let’s check out the pros and cons of what is makes the best glider versus what makes the best rocking chair for your nursery.

Both rocker type chairs come with various style and  comfort levels so trying to figure out which is the  best glider or the best rocker chair for your baby nursery will depend on your personal preferences. The best glider is different than the best rocking chair so well help you figure this out as you read.

Read more about Glider Rockers at Amazon

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The 7 Valuable Benefits of The Best Nursing Rocking Chair

We all know that the heart of the home is the kitchen and the bonds that develop there as a family.

So what is the heart of a nursery room?  Could it be the bonding that takes place in a nursing rocking chair with your baby?  Let me help you decide on the best nursery rocking chair.

I say it is the love of feeding, cuddling and bonding with that newborn child you cradle in your arms while you sit in your favorite nursing rocking chair. Think of all the time spent doing just that especially in those first few precious months with your baby.

A gift of a nursing rocking chair is truly the heart of the nursery! Whether you give this gift to yourself or someone else buys a nursery rocking chair for you it is essential to rock your baby.

nursing rocking chair

Every mom needs to be in a very comfortable position when nursing or bottle feeding their child.

A comfortable rocking chair is unquestionably worth its weight in gold yet is truly a low-cost first investment with huge returns. What a unique gift to surprise that special new mom with such a treasure as a beautiful yet functional nursing rocking chair.

My husband surprised me with a beautifully cushioned maple glider rocker on the birth of our son. Our son was a couple of weeks old, and I had no decent nursing rocking chair. I was so delighted with this glider rocker that 27 years later I am passing it on to this son and his wife for their first child. The memories we share of our children through the rocking sessions of this favorite chair in our home are priceless.

​ In this article I will help you decide WHY rocking is important and Which nursing rocking chair to buy!  Just keep reading.

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So What Does Memorial Day Have To Do With Baby Names?

I thought it might be interesting to look into the names of some of America's War Heroes both men and women and see what names they were given as babies.  Baby names are something every parent considers with great thought. We never know what our loved ones will do for our country regardless of their name. Have you considered what your baby name may mean? Perhaps "great warrior" or "leader"!

Let's have a little history lesson before we get to what Memorial Day has to do with Baby Names.                                                         

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